LPN Schools in Arab AL 99505

Licensed Practical Nurses, or LPNs in Arab AL 99505, are a very significant part of the medical team. They work bedside with patients performing duties that include; injections, medication administration, taking and recording vital signs, and wound care. Licensed Practical Nurses in Arab AL 99505 can also specialize in obstetrics, surgery or pediatrics extending their scope of practice and responsibilities. There are a wide range of facilities in Arab AL 99505 that employ Licensed Practical Nurses. You can find them in hospitals, doctors offices, home health, public health, mental health and nursing homes. Because of the continued need of nurses there are a great number of LPN schools online. A quick web search will return many options.

Accreditation of the Licensed Practical Nurse Program in Arab AL 99505 is very important. This important aspect assures you that any classes that are taken can be transferred for continuation of your education. It also guarantees that your state board of nursing will recognize the school. One of the greatest benefits of LPN schools online is the flexibility that it allows the student. Classes are taken through either teleconferences, video conferences, recorded lectures or typed lectures. Most schools will offer e- mail addresses of instructors for communication. Other options usually include instant messaging or message boards. The student is able to take the class when it is convenient for them.

The only requirements for application into a Licensed Practical Nursing Program in Arab AL 99505 is a high school diploma or a GED. After you have researched the available LPN schools online you will find that most programs last for about one year. The curriculum consists of a number of practical nursing skills like; CPR and stabilization of a stroke, trauma or cardiac arrest victims. The academic classes include; biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, some math, drug administration, child growth and development and nutrition. In addition to these classroom hours, there is usually a certain number of required clinical hours. If your taking classes online, the school of your choice will help you coordinate clinical experiences with a facility close to you.

Following completion and graduation of the online, or traditional, program the student is required to take the NCLEX – PN exam to become licensed. Many LPN schools in Arab AL 99505 will offer study groups or courses to assist you in passing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Once this exam has been taken and passes then the student is qualified to work as a Licensed Practical Nurse. The average pay range for this nurse is anywhere from thirty one thousand to forty one thousand dollars a year. The LPN degree is also a great stepping stone to the Registered Nursing degree.

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